Endowment Fund Nehemia
The mission of the Endowment  Fund Nehemia is To bring changes into the lives of the people.

a. to motivate Czech churches;
b. to provide administrative and information service;
c. to act as an agent in humanitarian and charitable aid;
d. to create and support the cooperation of churches in missionary work in an active manner.


Mobile: +420 703 438 026

E-mail: office@nehemia.cz
Internet: https://www.nehemia.cz
Facebook: Nadační fond Nehemia

Bank information 1:
Ceskoslovenska obchodni banka a. s., branch: Havirov, Dlouha 13, 736 01

Account number:
IBAN: CZ3503000000000100113352


Bank information 2:
Citfin, a.s., Praha

Account number: 1057340/2060 (Czech Republic)
IBAN: CZ7320600000000001057340 (multi-currency account)


The Endowment Fund NEHEMIA is a humanitarian and missionary organization, which was founded by Apostolic Church in 1992. It was cooperating exclusively with its parent foundation in Germany for the first several years. At the beginning of 1996, Czech Nehemia started working independently. In March 1999, Foundation Nehemia transformed into Endowment  Fund Nehemia.

Nehemia cooperates with the below-listed entities in its activities:

• Churches and individuals from Apostolic Church and other evangelical churches;
• Fida International – Finland, is a Pentecostal missionary organization, which has 432 missionaries in the world (www.fida.info)
• Czech Evangelical Alliance – Endowment Fund Nehemia is a member of CEA and is engaged in project „Mission.cz“ together with YWAM, OM, Wycliffe and NF KMS „, of which objective is to teach and motivate local churches to be engaged in mission in the world (www.misie.cz, www.ea.cz)
• AVC Nehemia – Switzerland, through this organization we support the printing of Chinese Bibles and the families of persecuted pastors.
• AVC Nehemia – Germany, we support children in Ethiopia in cooperation with this organization (www.nehemia.org)
• Otcij dom – Ukraine, the support of children’s homes, work with street children. Nehemia and Apostolic Church Havirov have their worker there – Vaclav Bednar
• Misie miloserdie – Peter Lunichkin – Vladikavkaz – Russia

At present, Nehemia is particularly involved in projects relating to aid to the children in need as well as in the support of pastors and their work in other countries, the support of projects in other countries like these:

List of projects:


Moldova – mission work among children in Panasesti.
Croatia – cooperating with the local Church. Our worker is trying to encourage

Children in Ukraine. We support children in children’s orphanages and help socially weak families.


Evangelist support – we support evangelists in Ethiopia who works mostly in Muslim’s area.

Cows farm in Ethiopia – through this project are paid several evangelists in Ethiopia. Workers sell the milk and money is used for evangelist work.

Women´s support – through the goat project, we are helping poor women to raise some money for their families. We have started this project in the unreached area among the Muslim community.

The Sponsorship program in Ethiopia. We are helping 340 children in Ethiopia. Through this program, children have the opportunity to go to schools, receive medical help, and for the poorest, we provide food packages.

The Sponsorship program in Tanzania. We support children in the Massai Land in Lolteppes. Through this program, children have the opportunity to go to schools, receive medical help, and for the poorest families, we provide food packages.


The Bakery in North Korea. Together with AVC/Nehemia in Switzerland, we are providing sweet bread and soya milk for 14 000 children in NK.

Russia – Caucasus. Project Cow for every family. Practical and spiritual help for the refugees from North Ossetia.

Russia – Siberia. The mission work in a city called Mirnyj.

China – water project in a small village in a rural area, and support of humanitarian workers working with orphanage children through school projects.

Mission work in Central Asia – our worker is looking for some opportunities on how to start mission work in countries belonging to Central Asia. Finding missionaries who would go to those countries as tentmakers.

The missionary support. The support of our missionaries in different regions.

Humanitarian help to the refugees in Iraq, Ukraine, Austria, and Greece.

Project Bible for Iran, Bible for China, Bible for Ethiopia.

Medical aid for the children. We offer medical care for seriously handicapped children.

The support of local pastors:
Pavel Golub – Ukraine,
Konstantin Melnik – Ukraine,
Roman Kornyko – Otchyij Dym,
Michail Balko – Mukacevo – Ukraine.

Working teams:
We are sending working teams to poor countries to help them practically through building or working teams. We already helped in Croatia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Moldova, and Israel.

The Endowment Fund Nehemia informs about its projects and activities via its bulletin “Nehemia Info” and its website www.nehemia.cz.

Nehemia offers to the Churches in the Czech Republic seminars on the below topics:

Kairos courses:
Through those courses, we mobilize and empower all believers to fulfill the Great Commission. That course shows them that they are blessed, to be a blessing for others. It changes attitudes and minds from selfish question: “What will I get out of it?” to the question: “How can I be a blessing for others? “ Great tool for every Church, which changes Christians to be mission-minded people.