Endowment Fund Nehemia
The mission of the Endowment  Fund Nehemia is To bring changes into the lives of the people.

a. to motivate Czech churches;
b. to provide administrative and information service;
c. to act as an agent in humanitarian and charitable aid;
d. to create and support the cooperation of churches in missionary work in an active manner.

Phone/Fax: +420 595 173 715
Mobile: +420 739 584 117
E-mail: office@nehemia.cz Internet: https://www.nehemia.cz

Bank information: Ceskoslovenska obchodni banka a. s., branch: Havirov, Dlouha 13, 736 01
Account number:
IBAN: CZ3503000000000100113352
Board of Trustees of Endowment Fund Nehemia

Citfin, a.s., Praha, account number: 1057340/2060 (Czech Republic)
IBAN: CZ7320600000000001057340 (multi-currency account)

Director of Nehemia Endowment fund:
Leos Casek

Bohuslav Wojnar – Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Petr Ministr
Petr Ratay
Jaromir Bily
Petr Bartos
Jiri Hanak
Olga Moldanova
Yvona Bubanova
Jason Morrison
Pavel Vimr


The Endowment Fund NEHEMIA is a humanitarian and missionary organisation, which was founded by Apostolic Church in 1992. It was cooperating exclusively with its parent foundation in Germany for first several years. At the beginning of 1996, Czech Nehemia started working independently. In March 1999, Foundation Nehemia transformed into Endowment  Fund Nehemia.
Nehemia cooperates with the below-listed entities in its activities:

• churches and individuals from Apostolic Church and other evangelical churches;
• Fida International – Finland, is a Pentecostal missionary organisation, which has 432 missionaries in the world (www.fida.info)
• Czech Evangelical Alliance – Endowment Fund Nehemia is a member of CEA and is engaged in project “Mission.cz” together with YWAM, OM, Wycliffe and NF KMS “, of which objective is to teach and motivate local churches to be engaged in mission in the world (www.misie.cz, www.ea.cz)
• AVC Nehemia – Switzerland, through this organisation we support the printing of Chinese Bibles and the families of persecuted pastors.
• AVC Nehemia – Germany, we support children in Ethiopia in cooperation with this organisation (www.nehemia.org)
• Otcij dom – Ukraine, the support of children’s homes, work with street children. Nehemia and Apostolic Church Havirov have their worker there – Vaclav Bednar
• Misie miloserdie – Peter Lunichkin – Vladikavkaz – Russia

At present, Nehemia is particularly involved in projects relating to aid to children in need as well as in the support of pastors and their work in other countries, the support of projects in other countries like these:

List of projects:
• Children in Ukraine – the support of children in children’s homes and in socially weak families
• Children in Ethiopia (Kofele and Jimma)- the support of children in children’s homes, education, medical help, food.
• An orphanage in Kiev – the support of street work and in homes
• Service to children in Tanzania – the support children in the Massai Land in Lolteppes.
• Bakery in North Korea – support for 22 000 children with bread and soya milk.
• Russia – Caucasus – project Cow for every family – help to the refugees from North Osetia
• China – Watter project and orphanages in the mountin villagas
• The support of Vaclav Bednar, David S., Vretonkovi, Wojnarovi, J. Fenes as our missionaries
• Help to the refugees in Iraq, Ukraine, Austria
• Project Bible for Iran, Bible for China
• Medical aid to children – the support of medical care for seriously handicapped children
• The support of local pastors: Pavel Golub – Ukraine, Konstantin Melnik – Ukraine, Roman Kornyko – Otchyij Dym, Michail Balko – Mukacevo – Ukraine.

Working teams
We are sending working teams to the poor countries to help them practicaly throu building or working teams. We already helped in Croatia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Moldava and Israel. We are preparing another team to siberia.

The Endowment Fund Nehemia informs about its projects and activities via its bulletin “Nehemia Info” and via its website www.nehemia.cz.

E.F. Nehemia offers to churches in the Czech Republic seminars on the below topics:
Mission challenges of the world where we live nowadays
The objective of the seminar is to help a church to understand challenges of the contemporary world in mission and Christian aid to those in need.

Local church and missionary atmosphere
The objective of the seminar is to help your church to understand how to revive and maintain atmosphere in practice.

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